Secrets of Maithuna or Authentic Tantric Sex

The ordinary sexual relationships people are engaged in nowadays are one of the main sources of all the problems they have in them. The reason for that is that during the normal, usual sex, people lose their vital energy which is called Prana in Yoga and Tantra, and Ojas – substance of vital energy of life. Due to this factor people normally feel tired and devastated after the sexual engagement. This subsequently undermines their physical and psychological health and ruins their lives.

MaithunaA loss of the enormous amount of energy during the common sexual intercourse is the main reason of a number of sexual problems and is actually a hidden reason of misunderstandings between men and women and very often the cause of failure of their relationships as well.


It also deprives them of the possibility of getting maximum possible enjoyment and bliss sex actually designated to give first of all. As it is written in Yoga, that one of four main purposes in life of human beings is Kama or enjoyment and the main source of it is Tantric sex. Only once or few times in our life we make sex to procreate and for the rest of life we do it for enjoyment only. Not getting this enjoyment makes people frustrated and ruined physically and psychologically. Sexually unsatisfied men and especially women, as for them, due to their emotional structure of their consciousness and physiology, sex is more important than for men and problems are more severe accordingly, are the real threat to any society as they bring that sexual frustration into their lives and lives of people around.

So called, ‘sex’ drains energy which would be beneficial for future child and induces child’s diseases and problems in life later on as the health and energetic level and life of itself of a child depends on the amount of energy of child’s parents have at the moment of copulation. This is because of the Karmic law is — «likes attract likes». All this adds to the process of human involution.

Moreover, our life is made of Prana, as all events and objects in it are different manifestations of energy, in fact, and wastage of it during sex reduces its amount would be invested in our undertakings and diminishes results and achievements in life correspondingly.

What differentiates common sex from Maithuna? Common sex is the wastage of energy, but Maithuna generates it. Sex is the cause of the degradation of human beings, but Maithuna is the tool of its development and transformation. Sex is the cause of suffering, but Maithuna produces unimaginable bliss. Sex is a source of troubles, but Maithuna is the solution of them. Sex induces diseases, but Maithuna cures them. Maithuna is not only the way of solving all those problems but is also the way of a quicker development and transformation of human consciousness, which according to Vedas and Tantra is the main purpose of our lives here on earth.

In Kali Yuga we see also feminization of men and masculinization of women which deepens their relationships problems. Maithuna will return their natural roles, harmonization in relationships and make them become what they should be according to their true nature.

Among different Tantric techniques, this course is going teach ejaculation control which is an absolute necessity for the proper way of doing Maithuna for men and will teach men how to make women ejaculate as well (it will be theoretical part in the class and you will do your homework at home). Sounds strange?! Yes, they also can do it, but only in the rare cases of extreme physical orgasm which is an absolute prerequisite for further two stages of Tantric orgasm you can have in Maithuna. These additional states of Tantric orgasm, people are even not aware of. There are much much higher states of enjoyment you can achieve in Maithuna. The level of delight achievable in Maithuna is as much different from physical orgasm as physical orgasm is different from having nothing at all. Moreover, there is no limit of bliss and enjoyment in Maithuna at all. This course will also teach you many other exotic and fantastic techniques which will allow you to have a real bliss and happiness you never felt before. You will experience it yourselves as did thousands of people who already attended this course.

This seminar is about authentic ancient Tantra and has nothing to do with so-called “New Age Tantra” which is clownery and not Tantra at all.

During the seminar you will learn:

how to transform common sexual intercourse into Maithuna or Tantric sex;

why is this intercourse causing problems in relationships;

why it can induce diseases, but Maithuna can cure them;

how to transform all these sufferings into the absolute bliss;

and finally, how to solve your life problems by Maithuna and much more.

And by the end of the seminar, you will understand why Maithuna is one of the main purposes of life, according to Vedas and Tantra.

Stop being engaged in sex and destroy each other in the beds right now! Prepare yourself for the seminar. Maithuna will change your life once and forever.


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